Newport, Isle of Wight Taxis

Newport Taxis

Newport, as the county town, is geographically located in the heart of the island and naturally is experiencing heavy traffic. You are in luck as we know all roads through the town, and will always find the fastest and most convenient route to get you to your destination. We plan every route carefully, to avoid time delays.

Either you need a ride to visit your favourite shopping centres on the high street or to visit the public services as the Isle of Wight Council, we will get you there on time. Newport is also very well connected with all the other major towns. We will be happy to assist you to get to work on time, visit friends and family around the island or to catch your ferry travel to the mainland.

Let us not forget to mention the biggest event happening in Newport every year, the Isle of Wight Festival. Over 50,000 people are attending every year and Paul’s taxi is always there, regularly helping them to get to the site as well as to catch the ferries home after the fun is over. 

Our vehicles are regularly checked, have a valid MOT and passed strict tests for roadworthiness to ensure high quality of safety standards. Paul’s Taxis goal is to provide reliable, timely and safe taxi service.  We will get you to your destination in a comfortable, courteous and hassle-free manner. Contact us to book your journey today.

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